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Survey on the settlement conditions of foreigners of foreign-invested companies


Survey on the settlement conditions of foreigners of foreign-invested companies



Greetings! We are KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency), a public enterprise under the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy of Korea.
We are carrying forward diverse initiatives to improve settlement conditions for employees, their dependent family members and investors of foreign-invested companies

As part of such effort, this survey is carried out to understand your settlement conditions in a total of 6 areas such as dwelling, healthcare, transportation, immigration service, education and living culture/ communication in Korea. It would be much appreciated if you answer honestly as to the settlement conditions that you think important to live in Korea along with your satisfaction level and areas with room for further improvement. This survey has been commissioned by KOTRA to be conducted by a professional market research agency Hankook Research.

Your answers will be strictly kept confidential in accordance with Article 33 of the Statistics Act of Korea, and will serve as a valuable foundation to push ahead with a variety of projects to promote public interest, ultimately to improve settlement conditions.

If you have any question about this survey, please feel free to reach the contact details below. We wish your business everlasting prosperity and thank you for your cooperation in advance.

September 2018  


Survey period


By Friday, October 28, 2018



Google play gift card 10,000won
Deliver by mobile phone text in the first week of November

Organized by


KOTRA / Korea Productivity Center

Survey by


Team manager Young Hak Yim, Hankook Research : 02) 3014-0088 /


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