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New & strengthened national assembly legislations are pre-announced for public opinion. You can check the process status at the national assembly and details of the regulation.

The translation of the regulations into English
herein shall be for reference only.
In the event of any discrepancy between the two
versions, the Korean version shall prevail.
Government Legislation
No. Area Title of Bill Competent
Publication of
1707 Indoor Air Quality Control Act Ministry of Environment 2018-12-28 2019-01-11
1706 Specialized Credit Finance Business Act Financial Services Commission 2018-12-28 2019-01-11
1705 Child Welfare Act Ministry of Health and Welfare 2018-12-28 2019-01-11
1704 Noise and Vibration Control Act Ministry of Environment 2018-12-28 2019-01-11
1703 Internet Multimedia Broadcast Services Act 2018-12-28 2019-01-11
1702 Mountainous Districts Management Act Korea Forest Service 2018-12-28 2019-01-11
1701 Educational Environment Protection Act Ministry of Education 2018-12-28 2019-01-11
1700 Act on Fair Transactions in Large Franchise and Retail Business Fair Trade Commission 2018-12-28 2019-01-11
1699 Personal Information Protection Act 2018-12-24 2019-01-07
1698 Act on Guarantee of Promotion of Convenience of Persons with Disabilities, the Aged, Pregnant Women, Etc. Ministry of Health and Welfare 2018-12-24 2019-01-07