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  • On-Campus Recruiting for Foreign-Invested Companies 2011
    • Date : 2011.03.24
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□ Overview

    ○ Time: May 25, 2011 (Wed), 12:00-15:00

    ○ Place: Pusan National University

    ○ Participating employers: around five foreign-invested firms

    ○ Hosted by: Ministry of Knowledge Economy

    ○ Organized by: KOTRA


□ Application

    ○ Qualifications for participation:

        any international firm who meets the internal selection criteria

        (e.g. a first-come first-served basis, advantages to businesses

        located in the region, etc.)

    ○ How to apply:

        fill out the attached application and send it to the organizer

        via fax (02-3460-7639) or email (


□ Others

    ○ Participation fee: free of charge

    ○ Participating businesses will be provided:

        - a venue and necessary equipment,

        - promotional materials (e.g. signs, banners, and advertisement

           souvenirs), and

        - publicity campaigns prior to the event (via related organizations,

           websites, SNS, etc.)


□ Contact Information

    Investment Aftercare Team, KOTRA

    Young Hee Lee, Manager

   Tel. (02)3460-7639    

   Fax. (02)3460-7944    



  • On-Campus Recruiting for Foreign-Invested Companies 2011_Participation Application Form1.doc [Download]