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Copyright Protection

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  • In principle, OMBUDSMAN holds the copyright of all contents provided by the OMBUDSMAN webpage, such as web documents, attached files and DB, all of which contents should be protected based on the copyright law, except for materials that are written with some copyright marks or mention other sources.
  • Copying and distributing these contents without permission is the violation of economic right according to the fifth clause of Article 97 of the Copyright Law.
  • In case users intend to use these contents in a commercial manner or provide the third person with the contents via internet, they are required to get permission though the prior consultation. Even in case of getting permission from OMBUDSMAN through the prior consultation, they must mention that OMBUDSMAN is the source of contents.
  • When users post the contents provided by OMBUDSMAN on the other website in compliance with appropriate and legitimate procedures, they are not allowed to modify the contents without the consent of OMBUDSMAN except for correcting errors. Users should be mindful of the fact that criminal penalties could be imposed on violators.
  • In case users want to link OMBUDSMAN website with the other website, they are required the fact to the OMBUDSMAN in advance.
  • If you have any question, please contact the I-OMBUDSMAN website manager ( Tel: 02-3497-1823)