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How to Apply

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Grievance Resolution Process

Please refer to below Please refer to below
  1. Foreign-invested Company - Request support for business difficulties
  2. The Office of Foreign Investment Ombudsman - Request for legislative improvement and review to the government
  3. The Government Organization
  1. The Government Organization - Reviewed opinion
  2. The Office of Foreign Investment Ombudsman - Business consulting
  3. Foreign-invested Company

How to Apply

Area of Grievance Consulting
  • Taxation / Customs, Trade / Finance/Foreign exchange / Labor disputes / Labor relations, HR / Sales, Distribution, Advertisement / Visa,Immigration / Plant site / Construction,Land / Electricity, Water supplies / Road,Transportation / Investment incentives / Investment procedures / Standard, Certification, Inspection / Environment / Intellectual property / R&D / Insurance, Welfare / Unfair treatment / Civil disputes / Living environment / Others
How to Apply
  • Go to [Apply for Grievance Consultation], and then you can apply online.
    You can use the service quickly and conveniently after simple email verification.
  • Grievances received will be treated privately and will be used only for resolving difficulties.
  • Developments in your application can be found in [My Page], after entering the email address and password you used to filing the application.
    Please note that applications made before November 2021 cannot be brought up.