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  • Vaccination Process for Entrepreneurs Who Need Travels with Urgent Business Matters
    • Date : 2021.03.31
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The Business Travel Support Center Korea ( is providing a prior vaccination process for entrepreneurs who have to go on business trips abroad. The process aims to protect individuals and communities from possible infections that might be caused from visiting overseas countries.



Overview of process

who can apply: business people taking a corporate travel abroad due to an important Reason
                         -  An individual must meet the two conditions below to apply for the process; 
                            1) When the outbound travel is necessary

                                or this visit is regarded as an epidemiological risk (only for travels not longer than 3 months).
                            2)  when the relevant ministries reviews and approves the outbound travel is important

                                 and urgent business matters


how to apply: by an email to the Business Travel Support Center Korea;
Please be mindful that the title of application email must be ‘(company name)_(application date)_(departure date)_(business area); for example, KOTRA_210329_210630_IT


necessary documents: application, personal information, documents, a copy of passport and flight tickets, etc., and other documents requested by the relevant ministries 
    - Please note that, in case of foreigners, use one’s foreigner registration number to fill out the box of ‘주민등록번호(resident registration number)’, and the application must be signed by the applicant.  
    - Application forms and details can be found in;



Should you have questions, contact the center via phone (02-6000-7192~6) or email (