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  • [MOEL] Full implementation of the 52-hour workweek system with an exemption in companies less than 30 employees
    • Date : 2021.05.07
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□ The Office of the Foreign Investment Ombudsman would like to share you that from July 2021, the 52-hour workweek system will be applied to all workplaces where more than five employees are working.

  - The system has been fully implemented in companies with 300 or more employees from July 2018, and in SMEs with 50 to 299 employees from January 2020.


An employer hiring less than 30 regular employees will be allowed to have employees work an extra 8 hours on top of the maximum 52-hour arrangement by meeting the requirement below (Article 53, Section 3, the Labor Standards Act);   
  - Where the employer above makes a written agreement with the labor representative about the reasons why it is  necessary to exceed the extended work hours, the period, and the scope of employees to whom the agreement is applicable.



□ Please visit the website of the Ministry of Employment and Labor for details;