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  • [COVID-19] Frequently asked questions regarding vaccination in Korea (updated in Jun. 18)
    • Date : 2021.06.16
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With regard to vaccination, the Office of the Foreign Investment Ombudsman compiled frequently asked questions coming to our office, and we sincerely hope that the following information would be informative to you. Please note that the government’s policies are keep changing according to COVID-19 outbreaks and vaccination process in Korea, so it is recommended to check details with relevant authorities.


* In Jun. 18, 2021, Q7 and Q8 has been updated.




 Q1. Would it be possible for people who vaccinated overseas to be exempted from 14 days of quarantine duty when entering into Korea?


From July 1st, Korea will exempt fully vaccinated travelers overseas from the mandatory self-quarantine when arriving in Korea. The quarantine exemption is only applicable to travelers who completed their COVID-19 vaccine shots overseas* and the visit is to meet family, or for the purpose of business, academics or public interest.

    ‘travelers who complete their vaccine shots overseas’ means travelers meeting the following requirements; 
    1) finished the required dose within a country, and 
    2) depart for Korea after two weeks of the vaccination completion.




 Q2. Are travel bubble agreements possible with other countries?


The government announced that they are pushing forward to sign travel bubble agreements with countries successfully containing COVID-19. The agreements are expected that quarantine duties of travelers from agreed parties will be waivered, and, that, in the first phase of the travel bubble scheme in Korea, agency-arranged group tours will be allowed for fully vaccinated people.




 Q3. I was inoculated with one of COVID-19 vaccines with the World Health Organization’s approval. Can I apply for quarantine exemption when entering into Korea?


At this point of time, Korea introduced five types of vaccine (Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Janssen, Moderna and Novavax), but the government released that from July 1st 2021, people vaccinated with the WHO’s approval (Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Janssen, Moderna, Sinopharm, Sinovac, and Serum Institute of India) will be eligible to be exempted for quarantine requirement upon arrival into Korea.




 Q4. Can foreigners living in Korea receive vaccines? When they will be vaccinated, and how to apply for vaccination? Are those without the National Health Insurance Service (NHIS) possible for receiving leftover vaccine? How can people prove they are fully vaccinated?


Basically, foreigners are treated as same as Korean nationals when it comes to vaccination process and its schedule. The vaccination process excludes short term (less than 3 months) visitors but include long-term stayer regardless of their enrollment in the NHIS. 

Foreigners subscribing the NHIS can access vaccine as the same manner with Korean nationals by applying for vaccines via internet, or making a call to call-center of KDCA(#1339) or local government, or visiting a community service center. Additionally, your foreigner registration number will be required for the vaccination process.

Foreigners not subscribing the NHIS can apply for and receive vaccines in public health centers. If a foreigner does not have a foreigner registration number, public health centers will issue a temporary registration number to be inoculated against COVID-19.


Access to leftover vaccine does not discriminate Korean nationals and foreigners.


To prove that you are fully vaccinated, please use the mobile application ‘COOV’ by KDCA. Mutual recognition of vaccination is Under discussion with other countries by considering reciprocity.




 Q5. Can I get vaccines earlier than the original schedule? And can I choose which vaccine I have?


Like other countries including the U.S and Europe, it will not be possible to give a choice between different vaccines in consideration of different supply schedules and characteristics of the vaccines available in Korea.




 Q6. It is known that some countries included hotel workers into the primary group to be vaccinated. Does Korea also have a plan for workers in hotel, aviation, and shipping industry to allow early access to vaccines?


In Korea, people aged 18 to 59 will be vaccinated from the third quarter of 2021. According to the vaccination plan of Korea, flight attendants were listed for the groups to be vaccinated by the second quarter, and it is expected that 70% of its population will be vaccinated by the third quarter of 2021.




Q7. What if a business person is coming from countries (Japan or Singapore) that had fast track entry program with Korea, but now the program is temporarily suspended and consequently isolation exemption certificates for essential business travels have not been issued? Would it be possible for the person to have essential business trips to Korea without two-weeks of quarantine requirement when he/she is fully vaccinated?  


It is possible, and businesspeople from Japan or Singapore will be excluded from 14 days of quarantine duty when they are fully vaccinated as described in Q1.




Q8. I had the first shot in another country and entered into Korea. Can I received the second shot of the vaccine in Korea?


If you had the first dose of the vaccine in a country and would like to get the second shot in Korea, please visit a public health center and submit a vaccination certificate coming together with signature, stamp, seal, etc. of the country you received the first shot. Once the certificate’s authenticity and validity is confirmed, you will be eligible for receiving the second shot of the same vaccine in Korea.





For more details, please contact the Ministry of Health and Welfare as well as Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency’s call center (#1339).