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  • Partial Amendment to the Notice on the Detailed Licensing Criteria, etc.
    • Date : 2023.08.28
    • Views : 368

1. Reasons for Amendment

This amendment aims to improve the standards for authorization and permission of power generation businesses and the preparation period system to increase the feasibility of power generation businesses, such as the timely construction of power plants, and improve the wind resource meter system so that it can quickly lead to applications for authorization and permission of power generation businesses after installing wind resource meters.

2. Major Provisions

A. Reinforce review standards for authorization and permission for power generation businesses (Attached Table 1)

- Increase the equity capital to total project cost ratio (from 10% to 15%).

- Establish a minimum paid-in capital standard for power generation business permit applications (1% of total project cost).

B. Specify requirements for the adjustment and extension of the preparation period and construction plan authorization period (Article 8)

- Designate a construction plan authorization period that can be granted for each new and renewable energy generation source (from permission to construction start).

* Two years for solar power, two years for fuel cell, four years on onshore wind power, and five years for offshore wind power

- Induce the timely completion of power generation projects by specifying the conditions for which the construction plan authorization period and preparation period may be extended.

* (Preparation Period) Where it is possible to clearly prove that a permit for development activities necessary for the start of construction has been obtained or that it can be obtained and when a business operator submits a reasonable reason for project delay

* (Construction Plan Authorization Period) When an environmental impact assessment is completed and a business operator submits a reasonable reason for project delay

C. Establishment of a valid period for wind resource meters, re-establishment of valid area, etc. (Attached Table 2)

- (Valid Period) Prescribe that a power generation project permit should be applied for within three years after the meter installation permit.

* If there are unavoidable reasons such as natural disasters or large-scale fires, the relevant period shall not be included within the scope of one year.

- (Valid Area) Clearly and simply redefine the valid area classification criteria, and reset the area of the valid area for each classification accordingly.

* (Offshore Meter) Instead of removing a conditional valid area extension clause, expand the basic valid area (5 km→7 km).

* (Onshore Meter) Unify the valid area into a radius of 2 km regardless of terrain.

- (Measurement Period) Specify detailed standards to recognize data validity when obtaining wind condition measurement data totaling 90% or more over 365 days, or 12 months.

- (Priority in Case of Overlap) Specify that “revised permit” is not included in the “installation permit date,” which is the standard when determining priority, and reflect the reality by extending the installation period for offshore meters to 12 months.