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  • Grievance regarding visa issuance for Philippine domestic help
    • 담당부서 : 외투기업고충처리실(고상원)
    • 조회수 : 834
  • Organization : ministry of justice visa and residence division, immigration’s office
  • Regulation : regulation related to immigration’s office
•Background: A foreigner domestic help hired for the CEO of foreign-invested company A caused many problems including laziness. The CEO fired the domestic help and reported it to the immigration’s office. However, the fired domestic help did not appear at the immigration’s office to avoid deportation and disappeared.

•Major issues: The CEO hired a new domestic help and applied for F1 Visa for the newly hired help. However, the immigration’s office rejected the visa issuance due to the reason that the previous domestic help did not leave Korea.
Resoultion and Results
•Follow-up measures
‣ Consultation with the competent authority
※ Home doctor’s opinion: As a reference, the CEO persuaded that the domestic help leave the country, but there is nothing much the CEO can do if the person in question has disappeared and it is unfair that the employer has to bear the responsibility for unlawful stay. Moreover, the CEO has no motivation to keep creating illegal aliens by firing domestic helps. Considering the fact that the CEO is a person with heavy responsibility of managing about 5,000 employees at work, it seems quite unreasonable to deny the visa issuance of the current domestic help.

•Result: The person in charge at the competent authority ordered a review for visa issuance at the immigration’s office. Case closed.