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  • Grievance caused by the delay in national land purchase due to civil complaint
    • 담당부서 : 외투기업고충처리실(고상원)
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  • Organization : competent authority
  • Regulation : administrative management and regulation related to disposal
•Background: Company A is a joint venture established by Japanese and Korean enterprises engaged in the industry related to electric car and display. Company A was planning to purchase national land but a complaint arguing that the land was leased has been filed putting a halt on the land purchase. Even if Company A was found not guilty to the case filed against the company by the petitioner, the land purchase is still being delayed.
Resoultion and Results
•Follow-up measures
‣(Mar 29, 2013) Visited the factory construction site for a meeting with the person in charge and was briefed on the situation. Also heard the opinion of the competent authority. According to Company A, compensation (KRW 100 million) was paid to the petitioner but the petitioner is illegally occupying the land with malicious intent, due to which the competent authority is putting a hold on Company A’s land purchase process.

‣Company A’s production is seriously delayed since the factory construction is not approved which prohibits Company A from publishing a building ledger. In addition to already invested KRW 20 billion, the company’s facility investment plan for KRW 10billion is being delayed too. So Company A is at the risk of paying compensation for damages under the joint venture contract.

•Result: Through consultation with the competent authority, the importance of the joint venture and its ripple effect in the local economy were explained to request smooth resolution of the problem. The competent authority re-visited the petitioner to solve the problem. The meeting went well and on May 3, related documents for public land purchase were submitted to the competent authority. Factory construction began and the contract for additional facility investment was signed.