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  • System improvement by simplifying the submission of necessary documents for D-8 visa
    • 담당부서 : 외투기업고충처리실(고상원)
    • 조회수 : 896
  • Organization : Ministry of Justice (Korea Immigration Service)
  • Regulation : Enforcement Rule of Immigration Control Act, Attached Table 5, 5-2, etc.,

When registering as a foreigner in Korea after obtaining Business Investment (D-8) visa in a foreign mission, the necessary documents cannot be shared between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and the Ministry of Justice (MOJ)

(Major issues)

When a foreign employee dispatched from the parent company in foreign country to Korea applies for D-8 visa, many documents are required for submission. In addition to that, when the said employee applies for foreigner registration, many of the same documents submitted for D-8 visa are repeatedly required.
Resoultion and Results
The Office of Foreign Investment Ombudsman (OFIO) received the grievance and contacted the Korea Immigration Service (KIS) and learned of the related facts. OFIO had a meeting with the MOJ and the KIS to improve the related guideline.

The MOJ fully accepted the grievance and improved the guideline by reducing the number of documents for submission. When a foreigner enters Korea with D-8 visa issued from a foreign mission, he/she is exempted from submitting the copy of investor registration, dispatch order, and employment certificate for foreigner registration.