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  • Import prohibition of sourdough
    • 담당부서 : 외투기업고충처리실(고상원)
    • 조회수 : 1,357
  • Organization : Ministry of Food and Drug Safety
  • Regulation : Ministry of Food and Drug Safety

(Background) Although sourdough is accepted in most countries, it has been prohibited in Korea since propionic acid was detected in 2014.


(Main issue) During the visit to the parent companies in December 2012, the company expressed grievances regarding Korea’s import prohibition on ingredients including those used for bakery and requested for measures to lift the ban on importing sourdough.

Resoultion and Results

(Resolution) After the visit to the company and the Belgium Embassy in Korea in 2017, a meeting was organized with the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety from which it was found that unlike deliberate ingestion of acids, naturally occurring propionic acid is not regulated. Thus, we requested that the company submit supporting documents.


(Result)  The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety confirmed that propionic acid found in sourdough from the company occurs naturally and took necessary measures to allow imports of sourdough.