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  • Partial revision of Enforcement Rule of the Act on the Employment, etc. of foreign workers
    • Competent Ministry : Ministry of Employment and Labor
    • Advance Publication of Legislation : 2021-07-29
    • Opinion Submission Deadline : 2021-09-07

1. Reason for proposal

As Article 11-2 is established in the Act on Employment of Foreign Laborers, the employer who received the permission of employment for the first time shall complete the education and, if not, becomes the subject of imposition of a fine for negligence. Therefore, it is intended to provide other required matters, including the content and time, etc. of the education, to meet delegation by Article 11-2.2 of the Act.

2. Main content

A. Content and time of education of employers

As Article 11-2.2 is established in the Act on Employment of Foreign Laborers, it is intended to decide the content and time of education of employers and other matters required for education of employers as a decree of the Ministry of Employment and Labor.

The contents of labor-related acts and subordinate statutes and human rights, etc. are included in the content of the education for improvement of employers’ recognition and for sufficient protection of foreign laborers.

Also, the necessary contents to be understood by employers, such as industrial disaster prevention, insurance systems, and the matters of various administrative reports for foreign laborers, are included.

The time of education is set as six (6) hours in consideration of the number of subjects (six subjects).

B. Method of education of employers

The method of education shall be selected by the education agency in cluster education and internet remote education.

C. Establishment of employer education plan and report of the result

The education agency shall establish an education plan every year, shall systematically provide education, and shall report the result to the Minister of Employment and Labor.

Regulatory effect assessment
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Legislative proposal (draft)
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