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  • Administrative Pre-announcement of Amendment to Electric Vehicle Charger Technology Standards
    • Competent Ministry : Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
    • Advance Publication of Legislation : 2022-05-23
    • Opinion Submission Deadline : 2022-06-13

1. Reasons for Amendment

This Amendment responds to technological developments in the electric vehicle charging sector, makes improvements to address manufacturer inconveniences, improves the accuracy of charge level displays provided to consumers, etc.

2. Amended Provisions in Electric Vehicle Charger Technology Standards

 ㅇ Increase applicability of type approval changes when parts are changed

    - Add type approval change items such as additional electronic devices, parts associated with electromagnetic waves, input transformers, etc.

    - Subcategorize type approval change items for charging cable/connector changes, and prescribe grounds to allow cable length to be designated as a range

    - Exempt from declaration aspects that are not relevant to measuring performance such as exterior color, terminal blocks, connectors, etc.

 ㅇ Recognize technological developments and ease regulations

- Clarify test items for bidirectional chargers

- Delete obligation to show price information on the display

- Liberalize reference current standards

- Delete regulations on testing order

 ㅇ Increase accuracy of charge level displays

- Change the basic display unit of measurements from “not more than 0.1 kWh” to “not more than 0.01 kWh”

 ㅇ Prescribe instructions on how to fill in and attach nameplates

- Prescribe relevant provisions to prevent any disadvantage to users caused by nameplate damage due to negligence, etc.


 ㅇ Correct other errors and modify unclear wording

Regulatory effect assessment
  • 전기자동차 충전기 기술기준(규제영향분석서)_20220427.hwp [download]
Legislative proposal (draft)