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  • Administrative Pre-announcement of Partial Amendment to the Guidelines on Separate Discharge Marks
    • Competent Ministry : Ministry of Environment
    • Advance Publication of Legislation : 2022-06-03
    • Opinion Submission Deadline : 2022-06-23

1. Reasons for Amendment

The Guidelines on Separate Collection of Recyclable Resources (Ministry of Environment Directive No. 1462) stipulate that colorless PET bottles for containing drinking spring water and beverages shall be disposed of separately and this Amendment modifies the scope of the “colorless PET” separate discharge mark accordingly.

2. Major Provisions

Restrict the “colorless PET” separate discharge mark to containers for drinking spring water, beverages, food, etc.

Regulatory effect assessment
  • 분리배출 표시에 관한 지침(규제영향분석서)_20220617.hwp [download]
Legislative proposal (draft)
  • (붙임1) 분리배출 표시에 관한 지침 행정예고(환경부공고 2022-329호).hwp [download]