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  • Administrative Pre-Announcement of Partial Amendment to the Notice on National Core Technology Designation, etc.
    • Competent Ministry : Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
    • Advance Publication of Legislation : 2022-07-25
    • Opinion Submission Deadline : 2022-08-15

1. Reasons for Amendment

The Amendment amends the current list (attached Table) of designated national core technologies and prescribes a sunset deadline for each technology by accounting for such factors as the level of technology in Korea and abroad and changes in technological and industrial environments based on Article 9 (Designation as National Core Technology and Change and Cancellation of Such Designation) of the Act on Prevention of Divulgence and Protection of Industrial Technology.

2. Major Provisions

A. Prescribe a sunset deadline for each technology (Article 3 and attached Table) 

ㅇ Specify a sunset deadline (up to 5 years) for each technology through subject matter expert reviews of technologies for which a certain period has elapsed in accordance with the 4th Comprehensive Plan

B. Amend the list of national core technologies [attached Table] 

ㅇ (New designations) Designate as new national core technologies two technologies in the hydrogen sector that have a high need for protection on account of their technological/economic value and changes in the technological environment, etc.

ㅇ (Modify current technology scope) Expand the scope of one currently designated national core technology in the automotive sector

Regulatory effect assessment
  • 산업기술의 유출방지 및 보호에 관한 법률(규제영향분석서)_20220712.hwp [download]
Legislative proposal (draft)
  • 220700_국가핵심기술 고시 개정(안) 행정예고문(공고 제2022-000호).hwp [download]