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  • Partial Amendment to the Consumer Logistics Service Industry Development Act
    • Competent Ministry : Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
    • Advance Publication of Legislation : 2022-08-05
    • Opinion Submission Deadline : 2022-08-19
Reasons for Proposal

Reasons for Proposal

The expansion of contactless services, increase in single person households, and other changes in consumer patterns have driven rapid growth in the courier delivery service industry and its transformation into a platform market, and the number of workers in the industry is also on a strong upward trend.

However, the current Consumer Logistics Service Industry Development Act manages the courier delivery service industry under a certification system and critics have pointed out that this limits protection for courier delivery service workers and service quality enhancement.

It has been argued that a registration system should be introduced to the courier delivery service industry in order to guarantee appropriate delivery fees for workers and prevent accidents caused by long work hours and speeding.

There is also a need to change the policy council to a policy committee so as to enable workers, businesses, government, and consumers to develop minimum social standards in regards to deliveries.

Accordingly, this Amendment requires courier delivery agency service providers to register with the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, requires the policy committee to deliberate and vote on relevant matters, and prescribes legal grounds on which the government may provide cooperatives with financial assistance, thereby aiming to provide delivery workers with a safe and healthy environment (Articles 17 through 19, Article 19-2 newly inserted, etc.).

Major Provisions

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