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    • 담당부서 : 외투기업고충처리실(고상원)
    • 조회수 : 2,955
  • Organization : Korea Customs Service, Korean Agency for Technology and Standards
  • Regulation : customs law
• Backgrounds: According to the Notification on Items to be Verified by the Head of a Customhouse and Methods for Verifying them under the Article 226 of the Customs Act, amended on December 26, 2011, fabric softeners for babies under 36 months old, which had been subject to Korea Product Safety (self-safety verification), are now included in items that should be verified by the head of a customhouse. Accordingly, products that already received Korea Certification (KC) or Korea Product Safety (KPS) are required to present verification of the head of a customhouse and product manuals.

• Main Issue: The notification was supposed to be applied to industrial products imported and reported from April 1, 2012. Because there was no guidance of the government about specific procedures, however, it was difficult for foreign-invested companies to prepare for the new system.

• Requests: Many foreign-invested firms trading in clothes wanted to hear official explanations of relevant organizations through meetings, etc. about procedures to get verification of the head of a customhouse.

Resoultion and Results
Resolution and Results
• Resolution Process
‣ (March 19, 2012) The Ombudsman Office held a meeting with foreign-invested companies and KATS

※ Participating companies requested for grace period to prepare for the new system and clear instruction about product models that will be subject to the system.

※ KATS said it will review the opinions of the industry about product models. But grace period is not considered because there is enough time before the system is actually implemented. It will listen to the opinions of the industry continuously though meetings or other dialogue channels.

• Result: At the meeting with the government agencies, participating companies presented their opinions about the system and listened to the policy directions about relevant issues such as product grouping.