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  • Act on Hydrogen Economy Development and Hydrogen Safety Control
    • Competent Ministry : Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
    • Advance Publication of Legislation : 2021-07-12
    • Opinion Submission Deadline : 2021-07-26
Reasons for Proposal

Reason for proposal

The government provided the basis for concurrent achievement of carbon neutrality, economic growth, and people’s life quality improvement with announcement of “2050 Carbon Neutrality Execution Policy” in December, 2020. Conversion is planned into the electric power supply system focused in renewable energy concentrated in clean energy such as sunlight and wind power, etc. for carbon neutrality of 2050 electric power part and reorganization of current transportation system based on petroleum fuel is planned focused in future cars (environment-friendly cars + self-driving).

For this, political and technical support should be strengthened in the areas of environment-friendly transportation means, etc. using power generation source and hydrogen such as fuel cells which use hydrogen for sustainable and stable electric power and heat supply. Also, before establishing “Act on Hydrogen Economy Development and Hydrogen Safety Control” in February, 2020 for the first time in the world, the government established a goal to be a world best level hydrogen economy leading country through a hydrogen economy activation road map in January, 2019.

Therefore, it is intended to contribute in achievement of carbon neutrality and zero-carbon, with generation of large-scale hydrogen industries and cultivation of hydrogen economy, by prescribing the cycle to establish hydrogen master plan, by assigning liability for electric power supply based on hydrogen, and by applying graded hydrogen certification system and expanding installation of fuel cells in industrial complexes and large-scale buildings for progressive construction of and activation of distribution of the basis of clean hydrogen, in order to change current carbon society to zero-carbon society over carbon neutrality.


Main content

A. Clean hydrogen, hydrogen power generation, and clean hydrogen power generation is defined (Establishment of Article 2.x through Article 2.xii of draft).

B. The cycle to establish hydrogen economy execution master plan, etc. is prescribed and the matters on technical development, distribution, and encouragement for generation of clean hydrogen and the matters on conversion of industrial parts into hydrogen economy are prescribed (Establishment of Article 5.1 and Article 5.2.6-2 and 6-3 of draft).

C. Subjects for installation of fuel cells are expanded to large buildings and industrial complexes (Article 21.1 of draft).

D. Weight may be given to supply certificate to expand the role of distributed power sources for generation of both electric power and heat for fuel cells (Establishment of Article 25-2).

E. The matters on adoption of graded clean hydrogen certification system and certification cancellation are prescribed to encourage use of clean hydrogen (Establishment of Article 25-3 and Article 25-4).

F. Liability may be assigned to sellers and users of hydrogen fuel such as operators of hydrogen fuel supply facilities to sell or use clean hydrogen in certain or higher ratios in order to encourage distribution of clean hydrogen (Establishment of Article 25-5 of draft).

G. Liability may be assigned to power generation business operators for certain or higher level of power supply with obligatory use of hydrogen and clean hydrogen (Establishment of 25-6 of draft).

H. If the supplier having obligatory sale and use fails in satisfaction of obligatory sale, use, or power supply, the penalty is imposed and collected (Establishment of Article 25-7 of draft).

I. When penalty is applied to executives/employees of certification agencies to perform clean hydrogen certification work, they shall be deemed as public officials (Establishment of Article 57.iv-2 of draft).

J. Fine for negligence is imposed to the person who marked clean hydrogen or similar symbols without certification of clean hydrogen (Establishment of Article 62.1.1-2 of draft).

Major Provisions

Article 21, Article 25-3, Article 25-4, Article 25-5, Article 25-6, and Article 25-7

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