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  • Partial Amendment to the Electronic Government Act
    • Competent Ministry : Ministry of the Interior and Safety
    • Advance Publication of Legislation : 2023-10-24
    • Opinion Submission Deadline : 2023-11-07
Reasons for Proposal

Reasons for Proposal

As it is becoming possible to provide scientific decision-making and intelligent services based on new digital technologies, such as artificial intelligence and big data and people have a better adaptability and understanding of the digital environment, the government declared a transition into digital platform government as a new innovation strategy to reflect this changing situation.

In particular, many projects to implement digital platform government are making progress based on electronic government services, and it is necessary to supplement applicable laws to support it.

In this regard, this Partial Amendment aims to prepare a comprehensive basis for electronic identification cards, which have been underway with an amendment to an individual act, expand how services are traditionally provided to preemptively guide public services required for users, prepare a management system for the design of electronic government services so that everyone can easily access public websites and apps, establish an integrated window through which users can access electronic government services all in one place without necessarily visiting individual public websites, and prepare the legal basis for receiving electronic government services on private websites and apps.

Furthermore, it aims to expand parties who can request the provision of administrative information about themselves to a third party from individuals to enterprises and organizations, newly give “individuals, enterprises, and organizations, etc.” the right to request access to and correction of their information, ease approval requirements to promote the shared use of administrative information, and prepare a basis for an information distribution system to provide support when needed to distribute administrative information between agencies.

Moreover, it aims to solidify the legal basis for major projects for a digital platform government to contribute to its implementation and ultimately a better quality of life for people by allowing the Minister of the Interior and Safety to provide standardized functions, which can be shared and used across multiple electronic government services, to help administrative agencies, the private sector, etc. to efficiently develop and offer electronic government services.

Major Provisions

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